Two Witnesses at Eschaton


It finally happened. After years of blood and strife, on December 25, 2154, America finally lost World War III. Several kinds of civilians lived in times such as these. Fourteen-year-old Arziki is one of them. So is 096-824, but he has never left the confines of the mysterious Eschaton'' Institute; an industry that crosses advanced science and demonology for a sinister purpose. Arziki thought she had seen the worst of war until the day her home, Jeddah, was raided.

Then she meets the boy with the number for a name. He is the only son and "ultimate tool" of the Institute's leader. He is also the only one with darkness like hers. That's why only Arziki can determine if his devotion to the Institution is as genuine as he believes, or whether or not he is just another pawn in his father's plan. The world is in shambles, and new threats are taking advantage of the chaos. There is going to be a new world order. The looming question is: Who, or what is the force behind it?

Dear Reader,

This is the synopsis for a Dystopian Young Adult novel that is close to release. This book will be volume one of a trilogy. The series will be a dark speculative fiction calling for an intellectual revolution in today's youth to define what is truly good and just in this world, if anything is at all. When apocalyptic prophecy begins to unravel, humanity's code of ethics blurs as the people with the technology to better humanity call question what makes a life sacred, forcing readers to find a reason such a twisted species is worth saving. It is a characterdriven story, with each character being written with care to be relatable, diverse, and meaningful. Please enjoy the first two chapters.

Grace Usala.