Two Witnesses at Eschaton


Arziki "Arzie"

Age: 14 1/2
Species: Anakim
Bio: Born with the Alpha curse mark, she's spent her life ostracized by all but one, but that person has been gone for a long time. A momma's girl at heart. The mask is in her words protective, not cosmetic. Clumsy and awkward but earnest. Co-protagonist.
Fun Fact: Owns a pair of light-up sketchers. Yes, the sketchers brand is still going strong in 2154!


Species: Anakim.
Bio: Formerly known as 096-824. Born with the Omega curse mark, he's spent all his life isolated from the outside world. He is the ultimate tool Eschaton's Institute and only son of its founder. Don't let his cold demeanor fool you. Arziki is his first real friend. Co-protagonist.
Fun Fact: Ambidextrous, but prefers his left hand. That's about as fun as Usaim gets.


Age: 15
Species: Anakim
Arziki's dashing and handsome childhood friend, as well as the only other girl in the trials. Wears leather jackets. A real cool kid. Although you have to wonder, could all this toxic masculinity be an act? Could Iris secretly be masking unresolved insecurities by becoming the idealized version of her own hero? Could it all just be a coping mechanism to create false stability in times of crisis?!
Fun Fact: Iris is her middle name. Her first is Mitski after the Japanese-American singer/songwriter of the same name.


Age: 14
Species: to be determined
Bio: Got kidnapped by the institute while looking for his sister. Is prepared to do anything to get her back. Unofficial group mom. Tries to keep it together, despite not even being old enough to have a driver's permit. He bumps heads with Gray, but can't bring himself to get rid of him for some reason.
Fun fact: Loves soccer. Started playing out of boredom, but quickly grew attached to it.


Age: 15
Species: Anakim.
Bio: Went into the Institute looking for Jamie. Skeptical but witty. He's never stayed in one place for too long, going wherever the foster care system takes him until a chance meeting with Jamie and his sister. Blind since birth.
Fun Fact: Despite his careless attitude, he is surprisingly studious. In middle school, he was a member of both his school's competitive math league and the debate team.


Age: 6
Species: Anakim
Bio: Group baby. Arziki takes care of him.
Fun Fact: Was Tree number 3 in his school's play, yet somehow ended up talking for much of the performance.


Age: 16
Species: Anakim?
Bullied Arziki in grade school, still a bully today. Puts a lot of effort into being a nusciance for someone who supposedly doesn't care about anything.
Fun Fact: Has a lot of dangerously radical political opinions.